Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Three Skin Saviours

I always used to battle with my problem, spot prone skin and up until recently nothing I tried (and I swear I've tried everything) worked. 
However, in the last couple of months my skin has calmed down massively and I now only have minor breakouts, which is unusual for me and I think it's down to these three skin saviours. 

Origins Out of Trouble mask
Origins is a brand that I love, as not only are they Au natural with their ingrediants, but the products actually do what they say they're gonna' do, which is what we all want and expect (no money wasting here).
 Origins Out of Trouble mask is aimed at combination/oily skin types and comes to the rescue when your skin is having a bad day and those pesky spots start to appear. It helps get rid of excess oil, slough off any dead skin cells all whilst calming the skin down. It also prevents future break outs!
 I apply a thin layer twice a week (after cleansing) to any problem areas and leave for around 10-15 minutes and in the morning my spots have reduced dramatically and my skin looks so much healthier!

Clean and Clear deep cleansing lotion 
 I used to steer clear of products such as 'Clean & Clear' as I always thought they would be quite harsh on my skin and do more harm than good but, I couldn't be more wrong and I absolutley love this stuff! 
They say it has an Oil fighting formula that cleanses effectively and helps reduce spots, whilst being suitable for even sensitive skin. It also refreshes, tones and tighten pores.
I personally use it as a toner day and night, to get rid of any excess makeup that I may have missed, to tighten my pores and to get rid of any excess oil that may be lurking around. It feels so refreshing on the skin and feels like it gets to work straight away!

Eucerin Dermo Purifier Active Night Care
This is a brand I had never heard of until a friend, who has a similar skin type to me, recommended it. Active night care is a treatment to be used whilst you're sleeping to help purify the skin and improve the appearance, giving you healtheir looking skin in the morning! It uses a 'unique Follical Targeting System to deliver Lactic Acid directly to the follicles' so you really feel like it's treating all those spots and helping to prevent future breakouts. 
I use this as my moisturizer at night and when I forget to use this I can really tell the difference. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has felt like they have tried everything and nothing has worked for them as this really does help, plus its £9.50 and lasts ages!

Have you got any skincare recomendations?? Let me know :)

Sophie xx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Kiss your cheeks, Blush your lips.

I have said previously how much I love cream blushes and these beauties by YSL are no exception as they are not only a cream blush but a lipstick aswell, it can't get any better that that (in my opinion). It also saves time in the morning deciding over what blush/lip colour to wear, as now you can use both!
These cheek-lip hybrids are very long lasting both on the cheeks and on the lips. They glide onto the skin beautifully and leave you with a velvety matte finish that is easily buildable, as one layer is quite natural and then you can layer up until you have the intensity you desire. 

 The way I apply to my cheeks is by putting three dots in an upside down triangle on both apples of the cheeks and then with my fingers (or a brush) gently blends upwards until all the dots have disappeared. For my lips, I just use the wand to apply as normal. 

They are also my dream combo with my favourite foundation, Teint Touche Eclat (YSL) as both the foundation and the Kiss Blush don't have any powder in, so they never look cakey, yay! 

Kiss Blush Number 9 (Background Glamour- hello Rita Ora's armpit haha)

Kiss Blush Number 2 

You have plenty of colours to choose from over at YSL, 12 infact! I have numbers 9 and 2, which are my personal favourite.
 Number 9 is what I would call quite a classic rose colour, perfect for a natural day time look and for people who are getting married. I prefer this on my cheeks to my lips.

Number 2 is a brighter pink and looks great on people with blue eyes as it really makes the blue stand out, its a perfect pop of colour and I prefer this one on my lips! 

Does any one recommend any other colours? I have my eye on number 7!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Oh Chanel

After having.. Soleil tan de Chanel Bronze universal bronzing make-up base
(Phew!) in my stash for about two months now, I thought it was worthy of a mention on my blog, as its good. Very good. 

Chanel describes this product as a 'light cream-gel bronzer' that leaves your skin with a 'beautiful sun bathed look and velvet finish'. They also claim you can wear it on its own, under your foundation or over. 

I totally agree with the above statement, as it leaves the most natural, sun kissed glow out of any other product I have ever come across and it's so handy now I have a slight tan from holiday as I use this to subtly bronze me up. 

The way I personally use it is before my foundation as a base and apply the product with my real techniques expert face brush to any areas of my face that the sun would naturally catch me (cheeks, temples, nose) as I find this gives me the most natural, blended finish.

Even though its pricey at £32.00, you get a lot for your money (30ml) so it will last you a good while and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a natural sun kissed glow, especially people with fairer skin who find it hard to find a bronzer that doesn't make them look orange!

Sophie xx

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Life Lately #2

Since these are one of my favourite posts to read on other people's blogs, I thought I would share with you little sections of my life as I feel it helps to get to know some-one a bit better... and who doesn't love a good nosey?

1. After months of deciding whether or not to have my hair chopped into a long bob, I did it! I absoloutley love it as my hair is quite fine and it now feels so much healthier and thicker!!

2. Going to London training with my new job and I managed to get the tube all by myself, and for that I am proud *round of applause* 

3. Having a much needed break for two weeks in Cornwall with my boyfriend and his family. It was so nice to relax for two weeks and eat lots of ice cream on the beach, we even saw dolphins in the sea!

4. Turning 22 when I was on holiday, ahh...getting old. 

5. Going to a wedding party and getting all dressed up. I haven't touched wine since this night. Bleurgh.

6. Some CUTE slippers my boyfriend got me...are they bears or little mice? I have no idea, but I love them :)
7&8. We went to white post farm for the day and saw this little fellow keeping an eye out, we also drank this hot chocolate, which was the best hot choc ever. Mm...is it winter yet?

9. My first proper blog post in 3 months and showing off my new make-up bag from TKMAXX. 

10. Buying this cute stationary from Wilkinson's to try and organise my life better :)
Sophie xx

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Getting organsied

Since deciding to start blogging again whilst working full time, I knew I had to get some organisational skills into my life, so with this in mind I headed off in my lunch break and stumbled across this very cute stationary in Wilkinson's!
Wilkinson's have such lovely little bits and bobs in at the moment, so if you're heading back to school/college or university sometime soon,  you may want to go in and take a little look at what they have to offer, plus all of this was on three for two aswell! woo!

So as they were on three for two, I obviously picked up three things (it makes sense) and decided on this hardback notebook which is so cute and love the phrase on the front  'do more of what makes you happy.' I think this is a quote that we all should live by. I also bought this flowery light blue folder to file away all my important documents...not that I have many, but its nice to keep all my bits and pieces in one place so nothing gets lost. Last, but by no means least, a pen to write down (in my new notebook) all my ideas for future blog posts!

So yes, hopefully all this beautiful stationary will help keep me organised and so far so good!! If you have any organisational tips for writing your blog and working let me know :)
Sophie xx

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Make-up bag essentials...

I've decided to dedicate this post to my 'make-up bag essentials' because, if you're reading this, then like me you probably have a slight huge make-up addiction and own a little too much..yes?
So I thought I would share with you my make-up bag must haves that I cannot be without on a day to day basis.

(From L-R)

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick
(Any shade)  
 Now some people probably wouldn't class this as an everyday essential, but I never feel ready without some form of colour on my lips and Yves Saint Laurent RPC lipsticks are honestly THE BEST lipsticks out there. If you have never tried them I suggest you go out right now and do so as they are amazingly pigmented, last soo long on the lips and not overly drying, they also have every colour you could think of and come in Matte form. Another thing thats great about these lipsticks is the packaging...which is to die for, I always feel so sophisticated when I pull these lipsticks out my make-up bag and the gold case also doubles as a mirror... Whats not to love??

Bourjois Cream blush 
(Shade 02)
I much prefer a cream blush to a powder blush any day as I'm not really a massive blush fan.  I tend to find with cream blushers they look so much more natural on the skin, and this Bourjois blush in shade '02' is a perfect peachy shade that I found myself wearing nearly everyday when I was on holiday. It blends very well (I tend to use my real techniques brush) and lasts a fair amount of time on my skin (which is oily/combination). For 7.99 I would defiantly recommend these to anyone who likes a more natural sheen on their cheeks.

YSL Souffle D'Eclat Translucent powder 
This is a pink toned translucent powder which is great for setting my T-zone and any other areas that tend to look overly shiny throughout the day, but instead of turning my face matte, it still gives me the radiant look that I aim for in my make-up routine. It never looks cakey on the skin or clings to any dry patches, it looks so natural that you can hardly tell its there, which is all I want in a powder!  

Real Techniques Expert face brush
Ah the old real techniques face brush. If you haven't heard of this brush before then where have you been? I literally use this for everything, from my foundation to my cream blusher, it gets a lot of love in my bag and rightly so, its amaaaazing. 
They are such good quality for the price and even after a good few washes mine still looks as good as new.I really do need to try more brushes from the range....any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Benefit Browzings
(Shade Medium)
Before this little wax and powder duo came into my life I used to use just a powder in my brows, which worked fine, but I was never really fully happy... until I discovered BrowZings. Like I said its a powder/wax duo that comes in three colours; light, medium and dark, complete with mini tweezers and brush. Cute.
 They way I use it is by dipping the brush into the wax side first and then the powder straight after to save time and then apply straight to my brows, easy peasy. The wax keeps the powder on the brows all day and also keeps any stray hairs in place! yay!

Maybelline EyeStudio Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream gel eyeshadow 
( Metallic Pomegranate)
Longest name ever, but the Maybelline cream shadow's have to be my favourite cream shadows out there. Metallic Pomegranate is a shade that I wore all last Autumn and will be reaching for alot more now the dark nights are drawing in again. I also have the shade And on Bronze, which is a great day shadow. They claim to have a 24hr hold which I'm not sure is true, but they do last all day and have such good pigmentation for the price. They're also amazing to blend and layer under other shadows to act as a base and are so quick to put on in the morning you can have them extra minutes in bed. For £4.99 you can't go wrong, the next shade on my list is Pink gold.

YSL Mascara Volume effect Faux Cils
YSL mascaras are honestly the best mascaras I have ever tried, Faux Cils is a very dramatic mascara that gives the appearance of almost false lashes and who doesn't want that? It really does hold the curl all day and never smudges, so no panda eyes here! This mascara is my second favourite, right behind Babydoll (by YSL) as baby doll is a little more natural looking and clumpfree. I also prefer the thinner, plastic brush that comes with babydoll than the more traditional fluffier brush on Faux Cil. Overall, an amazing mascara and if you're after dramatic lashes this is the one for you.

Soap and glory super cat felt tip eyeliner 
Eyeliner is something that I do most days and the latest one that I've tried and tested, which has now become a firm favourite in my make-up bag is soap and glory's felt tip liner. 
It's very black, lasts all day and easy to create that tricky cat eye flick. A great all rounder.

YSL touche eclat
 The award winning Touche Eclat is something I feel every person must own in their make-up bag as it helps conceal and brighten dark under eye circles and highlights areas of your face in a click. The pen lasts for ageees so it really is a good investment piece  and it's the only thing that makes me look slightly alive in the morning.
It can also be used as a primer for your eyelids and put on before lipstick to help it last longer.

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation
 I've finally stopped my search for the perfect foundation as I've found the one. Firstly, the packaging is amazing (like all YSL products) and the product itself is even better. It's a Light to medium coverage that's very build-able so you can easily add more coverage on areas that need it and provides you with a radiant, healthy glow. This is a natural foundation that makes your skin look like the best it can look, whilst still looking like your skin and I love it. It comes in a variety of colours so there is a shade out there for everyone! I think I'm going to do an in depth review about this foundation later on in my blog, so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested! 

Mac pro long wear concealer 
This is a full to medium coverage concealer that literally hides anything! It has a matte finish, which when winter comes can sometimes be a little drying on my skin, but for the rest of the year its great. A little goes along way as I've had my tube since Christmas and it's still going strong, which is great value for money! The only negative about this is that the pump always gives me too much product so I always have to apply loads! Anyone else find this?

Phew, so that was a long list of make-up 'essentials so' congratulations if you've made it to the bottom of the page! Let me know what your make-up essentials are :) 


Friday, 29 August 2014

Guess who's back?

Image from pinterest 

So I haven't blogged for nearly three months, perhaps even a little bit longer and would like to say I am very sorry but now I'm back for goooood (yaay!)

The main reason, well the only reason, why I haven't been around on the blogging front is that I managed to get myself a full time job with a brand that I absolutely LOVE!! I have been so busy learning about their products and going to London training with them, that this little blog has been put on the side, until now!

So anyway, just a quick update to why I've been gone for so long and I am going to find time for this blog, as I love to write little posts and add my thoughts out there for the world to see. So yes, I shall be posting again soon, but until then toodle-oo!